Monday, May 3, 2010

{Fun In The City}...New York

I'm finally back from New York and just trying to play catch up now. It's amazing how much work can pile up being gone for such a short amount of time. I love New York, especially the energy of the city but was so happy to come home to sunny California. I've gotten used to living the "beach life" and consider myself a full fledged beach girl.

We stayed in upper Westchester county most of the time but managed to make it into the city twice while I was in New York. I realized I need to get better at taking pictures of all of my experiences. I missed out on taking pictures of the cobblestone streets while shopping in Soho or me meeting everyone at the Opensky Project headquarters. I have set a goal after this trip to better document my excursions with more photos and videos. I did take some photos of my trip. Enjoy!

{my darling tyler}

{amy from the bee dot in her new coat we shopped that twitter connected us for lunch}

{yummy oysters for lunch}

{outside bluewater grill}
coat: burberry, top: h&m, jeans: j brand, shoes: lanvin, bag: balenciaga

{me in front of soho house}
dress: anthropologie, belt: ysl, sweater: j. crew, bag: balenciaga,
shoes: red soles - christian louboutin

{rooftop lunch at the fabulous soho house...thinking about a membership here in LA}

{lindsey of saucy glossie, i had so much fun with her...}

{cynthia rowley shoes I got on bleeker street, after magnolia cupcakes of course!}

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