Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fashion Los Angeles - The Future of LA Fashion

Last week I met with Michael Venedicto, CEO of Fashion Los Angeles to learn more about the organization. Fashion Los Angeles is looking to be the new platform in everything fashion for Los Angeles. They are taking on the large task of streamlining LA's current fashion week(s) and presenting a united front at one central location in downtown LA. Currently LA Fashion Week (LAFW) is in reality a month long with events spread all throughout LA. Each event is produced by a different organization claiming to be "the official leader" for LAFW. As someone who has had to travel all over for LAFW, I am excited for the possibility of staying in one place to see all of the fashion shows.

Fashion Los Angeles has taken on a large task and I am very excited to see what happens next February when they launch the first LAFW under their umbrella. But two weeks of runway shows (one in the spring and fall) is not were Fashion Los Angeles is, that is just where they are starting. They plan to merge media, technology, design, beauty and of course fashion into various programs and events all year long to boost the Los Angeles fashion community as the world takes notice.

I know I am excited for the future of fashion in Los Angeles. For more information, visit Fashion Los Angeles' website

Meet Michael Venedicto and see what he as to say about Fashion Los Angeles in the video below.

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