Monday, May 17, 2010

{OpenSky Project} New Frontier in Online Shopping

The past few weeks have flown by and so much has happen. After getting back from New York I was home for a few days before heading off to San Francisco for another whirl-wind trip. I'll do more on that trip later.

Before heading out of town again last weekend I was able to spend the afternoon with Ted Rubin, Chief Social Marketing Officer, for OpenSky Project. He was in town to host a meet-up with local area OpenSky shopkeepers and bloggers that I was not able to attend. As former Chief Marketing Officer at e.l.f Cosmetics, he helped grow sales using social media and is now using his expertise and doing the same at OpenSky Project. To say he is an expert in the industry is such an understatement. I learned more from him in one afternoon then what I would have, figuring it out on my own over the next few months.

Ted met me for lunch at The Standard in downtown LA as soon as he got in from the airport. He is full of energy online and I wasn't surprised it carried over in person. The thing that struck me with Ted, is that he is an extremely busy executive but it was like meeting an old friend and catching up all afternoon. I had a blast all day. It makes sense that he's at OpenSky Project because that is exactly the same feeling that is felt with everyone at the company. After lunch we headed over to the De Lacy & Michelle Roy Designs showrooms, which are both suppliers for OpenSky and featured in my shop. I was the first person to see the DeLacy fall collection with Ted, and excited to talk more about it in the future!

As most of you know I have an OpenSky shop, which you can view here. For those of you who don't know about OpenSky, it's a new way to shop online. Each shop is run by a shopkeeper, who is an expert in various fields such as fashion (of course), cooking, parenting and many more. Shopkeepers choose products for their shops that they love and use in their everyday life. Instead of shopping at other online sites and relying on ratings from people one does not know, shoppers can purchase products from bloggers, celebrities and authors (the shopkeepers) they follow and trust. Each shopkeeper offers a personal recommendation and/or review for all of the products in their shop. The shopper then gets to purchase items from a trusted source and know what to expect when the item is shipped. OpenSky manages the back end so the shopkeeper does not need to physically house the merchandise. It's a great new way to shop as it adds that personal interaction to your online shopping experience.

When I returned from my trip over the weekend this is what was waiting for me when I got home from another OpenSky supplier, Riki Handbags. Check back later in my shop to see what is inside of the bag.

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