Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Every Girl Loves a Brand New Bag

Remember my post last week when I made you wait to see what what was inside the black satin dust bag from Riki Handbags? Well the wait is over...mama's got a brand new bag!

{handbag: napa rose, riki handbags; top: emilio pucci; jeans: j. brand; shoes: ysl}

I debuted this Riki handbag yesterday, when I met my girlfriend for some girl time and lunch. The bag got a number of compliments from people passing me by on the street.

When I saw the handbag for first time, the hardware straps were one of the things that caught my attention. I love how they enhance the bag and give it that "Chanel-like" flair. The great thing is that the bag is not as heavy as one would think with the chain straps and the leather is amazingly soft.

This is a great classic handbag that every girl should have in their closet, and one that will last through the years...a true investment piece. I am excited to offer Riki Handbags in my shop as they are a great addition to the other fabulous products I currently carry. Browse around in my shop or purchase your own Riki Handbag by clicking on the icon below.

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