Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kinect for Xbox 360 - Next Frontier of Gaming

As I mentioned before, this last weekend was all about technology and the amazing things being created. After a wonderful day at Fashion Camp LA, I headed downtown with my husband to check out Kinect for Xbox 360 at a private VIP event. The event was held in the Penthouse at Loft 7 in downtown Los Angeles. The space was unbelievable. Throughout the 16,000 sq. ft. space Xbox had nine gaming stations set up so guests could experience and play with the Kinect for Xbox 360 as they were mingling.

Kinect for Xbox 360 is Microsoft's latest edition, where you are the controller. With Kinect's sensor it translates your body's movements to play the game. There are no straps or controllers, just you and your body movements are all you need to feel like you are rafting down a river or jumping over hurdles. Imagine how a small child mimics driving a car with their two hands on an imaginary steering wheel. The thing is...that is how you control the race car game! You and your imaginary steering wheel controlling your race car on screen.

{Guests playing the race car game}

I was so amazed by the by this latest edition for Xbox 360...I have to have one of my own. It brings gaming to a whole new level.

{Me & the Mr. enjoying the beautiful views of downtown LA from the rooftop at Loft 7}

Monday, June 14, 2010

Technology and Fashion - Such a Stylish Pair at Fashion Camp LA

{Sample of a chip that will be sewn into clothing for wearable technology}

This weekend was all about new technology and the future. I attended Fashion Camp LA, a one-day seminar highlighting the impact of technology on fashion. To say I was blown away with where the future of fashion is heading would be an understatement.

Warbasse Design was the first speaker to talk about QR codes, which I'm obsessed with...I want one of my own. QR codes are bar codes that companies place into printed materials (business cards, ads, window displays, etc.) that look similar to the image below. People then scan the QR code with their smart phone (after downloading a free app) and the code will bring them to a specific url created by the company. The purpose is for the company to create specialized information for the user using the QR code, such as special discounts, new videos, personalized text messages and more.
{QR Code}

Zugara talked about Augmented Reality and how to utilize it to bring a more engaging experience for a company's clients. Wearable technology was discussed and how one day people will be able to print their clothes and shoes in the comfort of their own home. Not sure how I feel about this, as I love the whole shopping experience but it was amazing non-the-less.

Digital lookbooks to better promote ones products and services was presented by Clashe.com. PR Couture offered fashion advice that was extremely helpful. Lisa Borodkin, a fashion attorney, finished the day with valuable legal advice for the fashion industry. It was a wonderful and very informative event.

The event was put on by Macala Wright Lee, founder of Fashionably Marketing.Me with sponsorships from Mashable, XCVI and BurdaStyle. If you missed this event and didn't get to watch the live streaming video make sure to check it out when it comes back in the fall.

{Me & Kelsi from Dedicated}

{My Styling Buddy...Laurie, LaurieBStyle}

{Wendy with her amazing smile and great shoes!!}

{I finally met Jade from StyleGem. She absolutely adorable!}

{Kelsi, Sandra D & Laurie}
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