Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Looking Good at the Beach

Summer is here and it's time to stock up on this season's must-have essentials. It's all about looking good at the beach.

Summer Essentials

Bathing Suit - Whether it's a one-piece or bikini make sure to wear one that makes you feel fabulous. When you feel amazing you'll look amazing! Tomas Maier Swimsuit, $435

Cover-Up - Look extra chic in this embroidered tunic, whether walking to lunch or just covering the shoulders after a day in the sun. Anna Sui Tunic, $322

Beach Bag - It's the stylish bag of tricks! Look amazing while carrying all of your summer beach essentials. Louis Vuitton Tote, $1080

Hat - Protect your hair and face from the sun's strong UV rays. You'll be the smart yet sophisticated one at the beach this summer. JLo Large Striped Straw Hat, $22.99

Sunglasses - Your beautiful peeps need protection from the sun as well. They also are a great way to check out that cute guy sitting next to you without him even knowing! Tom Ford Lillian Sunglasses, $450

Beach Towel - Makes taking an afternoon nap comfortable on the sand. Emilio Pucci Beach Towel, $340

Wedges - Nothing says summer is here like a pair of wedges. They also help to make your legs and backside look summerlicious! AE Strappy Espadrilles, $29.95

Sunscreen - The only way to keep your skin looking young is to lather on the sunscreen. Besides protecting you from getting sunburned, it helps to protect against wrinkles and early aging caused by sun damage. Lancaster 30 SPF, $25

Hair Protection - Be a good girl and make your colorist proud by spraying a sun protection mist in your hair this summer. Phyto Protective Beach Spray, $18

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Katie said...

I love that bathing suit how unique!

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