Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shiny, Happy Hair

You see those girls...you know the ones.  The ones with the perfect, shiny hair and wonder "how did they get so lucky to have hair like that?" One word, Moroccanoil!  It's one of the secret weapons celebrity stylists use to keep their A-list clients looking amazing on the red carpets.  In addition to creating silky, smooth hair the smell of Moroccanoil is amazing.  Just an extra bonus for the lucky one who gets to be that close later!


Moroccanoil contains Argan oil grown from trees in the southwest of Morocco.  The oil, which is found in the seeds of lush fruits much like olives, has been termed "liquid gold" by many of its devotees.  Once you have beautiful, shiny, smooth hair...it's hard to go back.  Rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, Moroccan women have used Argan oil for centuries providing nourishing benefits for their hair and scalps.  


Kathleen said...

Popping in from SITS for a hello. Thanks for sharing about this new product off to check out the store.

MONZIE said...

I'm going to try this-hope it works!

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