Monday, July 20, 2009

We'll Always Have Paris

Besides being the city of love and having the most amazing food ever, Paris will have yet one more thing to boast about. It is now home to the largest shoe department in the world. On Wednesday, Galeries Lafayette unveiled the 34,500 square foot shoe department at its Boulevard Haussmann location. This new space makes the 8,500 square foot shoe salon at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York seem like a small boutique in comparison.


Known for their impeccable style around the world, it's no coincidence that Frenchwomen would have access to the world's largest shoe department in their backyard. With an average of six pairs of shoes purchased each year, Frenchwomen are the largest consumers of shoes in Europe according to Galeries Lafayette. They admit to being shoe collectors, with 17% owning more than twenty pairs of shoes. When one is a shoe collector, a small thing like price won't get in the way of owning a "must-have" pair of shoes as 75% of Frenchwomen will agree.

The shoe department will carry 150 designers with 75 being exclusive to Galeries Lafayette. In addition to shoes and more shoes, there will be additional services offered to make one's shopping experience more enjoyable. While relaxing in a lounge-like atmosphere, one can try on their shoes in a private fitting room. Should one chip their polish while trying on shoes, pedicure treatments are a step away. Personal shopping and artisan cobbler services are just a few more perks that are offered.

, croissant de chocolate, Eiffle Tower at night and now the largest shoe department in the world...J'adore Paris!

Galeries Lafayette
40 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris

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