Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Red Shoes

Today loves, you are in for a treat...we have a guest writer!  I've swapped blogs today with my friend Amy at The Bee Dot. We met through the The Classy Closet. Be sure to pop over to her blog to read my post as well! And PLEASE leave Amy a little comment love on her post here.

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Yesterday was a pretty rough day. Lots of things went awry.


On the way into the daycare, my two-year-old forgot he was wearing big boy pants now. We had to run, dripping, as fast as we could to the bathroom. But the running wasn’t so bad, because I was running in my brand new red patent leather spike heels.


When I got to work, there was a group of semi-hygienic bikers lounging on the sofas in the lobby. Everyone else was eyeballing them as if a cinema-worthy shootout was about to go down. Not me. I turned on my strut and made sure they saw my shiny leather. They were definitely entertained.


I got to my office and started gearing myself up for a fight. I knew I was going to have to confront a co-worker about a project deadline she had missed. The conversation started, took a bad turn, and I began to back down, as I often do. Then I looked down and spied my five inches of power. I stood my ground in my red shoes.


My red shoes and I spent the rest of the afternoon flirting, power lunching, and generally blazing our way through everything the day threw at us. We even caught all the green lights on the way home.


Look, I hate blatant materialism. I abhor people who acquire just for the sake of acquiring. I’m fine with lust and greed being deadly sins. But I think everyone needs a little something that makes them feel special or powerful. Something to think about or gaze upon that gives them a secret thrill. Something to save for, splurge on, or treat themselves to on a regular basis. Whether it’s a designer sofa or a creamy lipstick or a pair of perfectly-neutral Louboutins or an expensive set of cookware, its draw is uncontrollable.


Everyone needs a pair of red shoes.


What’s your “red shoe?” What item makes you feel confident, special or happy?


Jennifer said...

Thanks Amy for a great post. It was fun swapping with you!

Keep It Classy, Jen said...

I have a few pair of POWER heels that I love too! Great job!

Amy B. said...

Thanks for having me!

Natalie said...

And think .... I hadn't even read this when I tweeted about red high-heeled shoes. THIS IS AWESOME!

MONZIE said...

I definitely know what you mean! I have a LBD that makes me feel the same way :)

Tea Time Consultants said...

I believe it is called "uplifting". I am not talking bras. Nothing is better is a power struggle than standing up in your red heels.

Hats are good power tools also. Come by sometime for a visit.

African American Mom said...

I don't have a pair but maybe I should consider...

butterfliesinmyhand said...

Thanks to reading this not too long ago, I decided to find some red shoes. Check out my blog to see what I found at a steal! And I linked back here from my post because every woman needs a pair of red shoes. Thanks for the advice :)

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