Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boxeight, LAFW outside of the Box

{Eduardo Lucero}
PC - Chad Wilson

I started LA Fashion Week at the BOXeight 'Refocus' events this past weekend. They truly were "outside" of the box fashion events. Instead of traditional runway shows, 14 designers showcased their Fall/Winter 2010 collections in various photography installations throughout the studio. Each evening there were 4-5 installations that were set up as actual photo shoots. Each set had its own specific backdrop, props and lighting.

{top left: Postage, Skin Graft, Hair & Make-up station, Kanvis}

Stylists were on hand to dress and accessorize the models with the designer nearby to view the overall look of their collection. Two 20" Mac flat screens were set up at each set, one for the photographer and the other for guests to view the photos in real time. Guests were able to view the models getting hair and makeup as the station was raised up on a stage.This was a great event for those who have never seen an actual photo shoot before. Guests were able to experience the entire process from start to finish. As a stylist who is very familiar with photo shoots, I would have liked to see more of the pieces in each collection. Overall, the three evenings at Boxeight were very avant-garde and cutting edge. Around each corner there was something new to discover, which made wandering around the 9,000 sq. foot studio a fun adventure.

{Le Sang Des Betes}

PC - Chad Wilson


{Skin Graft – Photographed by Ben Cope}, {Gold Spun – Photographed by Adam Secore}, {Funktional – Photographed by Ninelle Efremova}, {Isabel Lu – Photographed by Damon Kidwell}


{Lloyd Klein – Photographed by Robert Voltaire}, {Eduardo Lucero – Photographed by August Bradley}, {Le Sang Des Betes – Photographed by Laura & Steven Duncan}, {Michael Costello – Photographed by Ben Cope}, {Lekuin – Photographed by Dirk Mai}


{Zak – Photographed by Catherine Asanov}, {Kanvis – Photographed by Robert Sigler}, {Gabby Applegate – Photographed by Sam Hessamian}, {Future Heretics – Photographed by Peter Gurnz}, {Postage – Photographed by Ben Cope}

{Lloyd Klein}

PC - Chad Wilson


PC - Chad Wilson

{Michael Costello}

PC - Chad Wilson

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