Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Fashionable Day: Burberry, Vintage & Art

The past few weeks have been so crazy busy for me and I know I have been a bit MIA from here. I am attempting to get caught up and share all of the fabulous happenings with you all.

A few weeks ago I was invited to a private viewing of the Burberry 2010 Fall Collection at the Beverly Hills store. It was an amazing event and the highlight was meeting Christopher Bailey in person. Then it was off for a fun lunch with my girls, Laurie and Wendy. There was so much laughing at lunch, I wish we could do it all the time! To read more details of my Burberry experience, click here.
{Laurie and I in front of Burberry}

After lunch it was off to do some more shopping! The next stop of the day was to check out ANAMU's fall trunk show at 3020 Resale in LA. ANAMU, creates amazing clutches and jewelry from vintage scarves and fabrics. I met Ana Maria last year at a fashion event and immediately fell in love with her clutch she was wearing only to find out she was the designer. In theory I love vintage, but I'm not one to go digging through piles of clothes to find that hidden gem. I'm more comfortable shopping for vintage once it's been picked through and displayed for easier shopping. 3020 Resale did just that, and I've found a new place to hunt for fabulous vintage finds. The trunk show was amazing and I'm so excited to see the next collection Ana Maria creates.

{Ana Maria and Laurie at the trunk show}

While at the trunk show, I started chatting with a fun gentleman who was non other than Paul Sorvino. He had all sorts of stories and definitely livened up the event. After chatting for a bit I soon learned he had a studio across the way with some of his bronze sculptures. He offered to show them to myself and some of the others in his studio. I was intrigued and was blown away with his work. A true Renaissance man.

From meeting Christopher Bailey, shopping and then a surprise encounter with Paul Sorvino...it turned out to be one of those extraordinary days.


Couture said...

You're so lucky to have been invited to viewing of the Burberry collection! I really like the bag you're wearing on the picture!

Lys said...

Talk about a fashionable day!!!

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