Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Every Girl Loves a Brand New Bag

Remember my post last week when I made you wait to see what what was inside the black satin dust bag from Riki Handbags? Well the wait is over...mama's got a brand new bag!

{handbag: napa rose, riki handbags; top: emilio pucci; jeans: j. brand; shoes: ysl}

I debuted this Riki handbag yesterday, when I met my girlfriend for some girl time and lunch. The bag got a number of compliments from people passing me by on the street.

When I saw the handbag for first time, the hardware straps were one of the things that caught my attention. I love how they enhance the bag and give it that "Chanel-like" flair. The great thing is that the bag is not as heavy as one would think with the chain straps and the leather is amazingly soft.

This is a great classic handbag that every girl should have in their closet, and one that will last through the years...a true investment piece. I am excited to offer Riki Handbags in my shop as they are a great addition to the other fabulous products I currently carry. Browse around in my shop or purchase your own Riki Handbag by clicking on the icon below.


Couture said...

Nice bag!

Lucia said...

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Congratulations for your blog.
The handbag its really cool

Connie Weiss said...

That bag is wonderful!

Thanks again for your help with my cropped jacket the other day. :)

Jennifer said...

of course Connie. glad to help out anytime. hope it all worked out!

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous, darling!

Love it!


Amy B. said...

Awesome bag. But what about your pants? Details, please.

Jennifer said...

the pants are j. brand jeggins. love them!

Connie K said...

WOW Mama does have a great new bag ! love it :) xoxo

Miranda Valentine said...

It's gorgeous, Jen--gorgeous!

XO! Miranda

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