Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some More News

Good morning my lovelies, I'm over at Chic Shopper Chick again today so come stop by and say hi.

Now for some other exciting news...
I am excited to share with you all my recent partnership with OpenSky Project, an online community of shopkeepers. OpenSky is full of people like me who are "experts," (if I do say so myself) and are passionate about their areas of interest. Can you say I never meet a pair of Red Soles I didn't love?

Through my shop, I get to recommend and offer the things I personally love and can't live without. There are so many different shops to check out, there is truly something for everyone. Come stop by my shop and visit some of the other ones as well.


Susan said...

that's amazing, congrats! I am off to check it :)

Connie K said...

going to head over and check it out ! Thanks for sharing :) Have a wonderful day

Keep It Classy, Jen said...

I love that how fun! Congrats on your new partnership!

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