Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Concept LA Fashion Shows: Delivering Successful Shows

This LA Fashion Week (LAFW) had attendees traveling all over the city for fashion events that were often happening at the same time. It seemed the one thing missing during this LAFW were actual runway shows. That's where newcomer Concept LA came to the rescue. For two evenings there were runways shows from up-and-coming and established designers. In between the shows attendees were able to mingle on the mezzanine and view designer installations.

This two-day event was quickly put together on a shoe-string budget, weeks before LAFW. As an attendee that was not the feeling that came across. Housed in the Spring Arts Tower in downtown Los Angeles, the space had a raw, downtown edge that was so fitting for this event.

Concept LA was spearheaded by "the downtown cowboy" Brady Westwater and designer Mike Vensel. With the help from Michael Shane of Gorgeous PR, Concept LA delivered a successful and much sought after event that was spread over two evenings.

On Monday, in the main event space, Chelsea Rebelle started the evening off with her fall 2010 collection. The collection was a bit of glam-rock, touch of gothic with a pinch of girly aesthetic presented on a black glittered runway. My personal favorite from the collection was the military inspired poncho with studded shoulders.

Chelsea Rebelle
{PC - Julian Michael}

On the mezzanine, Farm Tactics showcased its satchels and menswear inside an old bank vault. On the other side of of the mezzanine were looks from Elmer Ave. In between the two, Mike Vensel showed his collection in a live photo shoot installation.

Brandon Scott of B:Scott was the next designer to present in the main event space. The collection was titled "I the American Struggle" with the designer crediting the collection as a "rebirth." Oversized collars and hoods on soft, architectural jackets were sent down the runway in blacks, greys and dark blues. The jackets were paired with slim, cuffed denim pants. The overall look was one that had you stop and notice without being over-designed. Many of the guests sitting in the front row were dressed as if they came straight off the runway.

{PC - Julian Michael}

Fremont closed Monday evening with a dark and edgy collection consisting of leather jackets and vests, knitwear and tailored wool pieces. For the women's collection, the contrast of a cropped, crinkled leather jacket and a gorgeous silk tulip skirt were an impeccable pair. The attention to detail and mixture of fabrics in the pieces were a standout. Whether it was chiffon with wool and tweeds or another mixture it worked beautifully together. I especially loved the long leather strips wrapped around the models' wrists giving the looks another dimension.

{PC - Julian Michael}

The second evening had different designers but was just as amazing and successful as the first night. My LAFW crush, Jen Awad, started off the evening with her fun and lively collection. Color was everywhere from fuchsia, to red, forest green, to the most gorgeous teal and shiny gold like you've never seen before. The black sweetheart dress was a crowd pleaser, and I know one girlfriend sitting next to me in the front row who is dying to add it to her wardrobe. The long hooded cape in teal was amazing, though the large insignia on the side is not my aesthetic. The collection was definitely eclectic but musician-cum-designer Jen Awad, delivered a fun and colorful show.

Jen Awad

On the mezzanine for the evening were installations from John Sakalis, Valerj Pobega, Skin Graft and Indian Casino Fashion.

martinMartin was up next and showed a very somber and gloomy collection in dark earth tones. There were long skirts for both the male and female models, slouchy, ripped shirts and leather to complete any Goth lover's wardrobe. There were a few sheer, ruffled dresses and shirts that stood out in the collection that had almost a slight sweetness to them.

{PC - Julian Michael}

Rounding out the event was The Battalion. The collection was inspired by the desert and all about feel and texture. Body conscious dresses, detailed leggings and faux fur were some of the highlights from the collection. The faux leather motorcycle jackets would be a staple in any girl's closet. The faux-fur hats added a bit of a Russian feel without being over-the-top.

The Battalion

This was an amazing two-day event and exactly what LAFW needed and continues to need. Looking forward to next season.


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what a great summary!

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Great photos! We covered this event as well and included some quick video footage:


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